Sail away into your Second Self.


Welcome! Don't forget to check back frequently for updates listed below, or check out my full chapter in THE SYNC BOOK, along with whatever else those guys are cooking up!

But I'm sure the real reason why you're here is to take the mindtrip journey that's waiting for you below...Just remember to please be kind to yourself, and don't try and take it all in at once; Exploding brains leave stubborn stains and aren't easily replaced. And also keep in mind that I have no idea what in the hell I am talking about 90% of the time, I just spit this stuff out cuz it sounds cool.

Now go enjoy yo self!!! Peace out...

LATEST UPDATE: 5/20/14 -  Busy, busy, busy! I'm bringing back the blogs, so that I can share a few new musings and debatable theories that I've been toying with lately. Aside from that, my last update still applies: Conventions and other odd projects are keeping me busy, but the new videos are coming along nicely…Still taking much longer than I would like, but another would should see some new material on here! By then I should have also (hopefully) completed my "selfie interview" for the guys over at The Sync Book Press to host on their 42 MINUTES radio show, though it may be a short wait before they actually release it. You'll definitely wanna give it a listen though, because what I have planned to talk about will cover a lot of the backstory that's currently missing from my video work; They're intended to be in a sort of linear, story-like progression, but I jump around so much in producing them that many of the key events and revelations are currently absent. That will be fixed in due time…but will probably take a long time. It's worth it though, because I only know of a handful of folks out there doing work as crazy as this, and I think I'm about to raise the bar a bit with what I have in store. Get ready. ;-)



Behold! The ego-melting magick of my metafictional synchro-media...

An unformation-packed un-cyclopedia, sent here to lead ya,

Head-first into a brave new inner dimension...

So lend me your attention, please,

But keep your mind at ease...

Because you're about to see

 More than you might


Uh…There USED to be a video widget there, but apparently this host company decided it would be cool if they could charge me money to use a custom html code on my web pages. Lame. But no matter, the widget actually featured an inconveniently small screen size and you can't see the interesting "descriptions" that I tend to add to the bottom of my videos, so…You might as well ignore this page for now and click on the link above to go straight to my Vimeo page where all the good stuff is. You can also use the "VIDEOS" link in the navigation bar at the top of this page.

And if you somehow manage to digest all of that without losing your mind, and you're hungry for more, go check out the other sync artists and informants on the massive list of links that have been collected over at Synchromystic Pop Culture. That'll keep ya busy for a while…  ;)


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