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This website is dedicated to an exploration of the concept of "synchromysticism" - the strange art of noticing that certain events in our outer world coincide with certain events and processes in our inner world, in ways which seem to defy the materialistic views of how we were raised to think that the universe should work; In other words, it almost seems as if some unknown higher intelligence, or perhaps human consciousness itself, is responsible for organizing and orchestrating things that happen in the world around us, in ways that seem to straddle the thin line between mundane and supernatural. Unlikely coincidences happen in response to our private thoughts and intentions, chance meetings happen with eerily appropriate timing, strangely similar themes pop up time and time again in connection with world events that seem to point to hidden metaphysical, even magical, underpinnings beneath the seemingly normal affairs of everyday reality. Signs and omens seem to occur frequently in the media: Perhaps we inexplicably begin thinking about an odd topic out of the blue, and immediately a TV show begins talking about what we were just thinking, or a stranger walks by and makes an ironic statement about your condition without even realizing it. At some times, it seems as if we have a strange power to instantly manifest whatever we're thinking about...At other times, it seems like the universe is teasing us with its playful, omnipresent sense of humor.

Some of us who notice these things on an unusually frequent basis have formed communities on the internet and in real life to share our perceptions and explanations of these events, and to collaborate on educational and artistic projects to present to the rest of the world. So far I've had the pleasure of contributing a chapter to at least one published book with some of them, which you can preview in the section of this website titled THE SYNC BOOK. Among our varied personal works, you'll find connections between pop culture icons and psychological archetypes, current news and ancient myths, Saturday morning cartoons and paranoid conspiracies, Hollywood celebrity drama and occult rites and rituals, and interweaving narratives between the world of dreams and waking reality. Some of their perspectives can seem like divinely inspired works of pure genius; Others seem a bit disturbed or utterly insane. Still others find it more appropriate to take the whole matter with a grain of salt, and derive a high-level sense of humor from playing with the sometimes spurious phemonena. While synchronicity is still viewed as a rather kooky and fringe subject, a serious study of it will almost undoubtedly reveal that the world is a far more mysterious and magical place than many of us were raised to believe...

What you'll find in my Videos section of this website is a growing library of mashed-up media that I created in an attempt to chronicle my personal developments as I adventured through the unfolding maze of associations, connections, delusions, revelations, trials and triumphs of attempting to make sense of what our community has come to call synchromysticism. And if you somehow manage to digest all of that without losing your mind, and you're still hungry for more, go check out the other sync artists and informants on the massive list of links that have been collected over at Synchromystic Pop Culture. That'll keep ya busy for a while…  ;)

LATEST UPDATE: 9/9/14 -  WOW, it's seriously been half a year since my last update?! Judging from that fact, you probably wouldn't realize that I've still been slaving away on video work this entire time...But again I must say that there's good reason for the wait: Aside from trying to maintain my health by avoiding excessive computer nerding, I've had to do tons and tons and tons of concentrated research on a number of occult topics in order to verify and expound upon a massive string of revelations that my intuition kept leading me to. I'm currently working on several hours worth of videos all at once, and they've gone through a ridiculous amount of rearrangement and editing as I've hammered out the inspirational visions flowing through my easily distracted cranium...But as a result of all that, the material I've got on the way is going to be outstanding. I'm also slowly tweaking this website again, updating some sections and adding a few new blogs; I've had some interesting developments with several advanced energy healing and psychic development techniques I've been experimenting with, and there are quite a few things that I can share in that regard. So keep this site bookmarked and stick around, things are getting much closer to completion.



Behold! The ego-melting magick of my metafictional synchro-media...

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