Sail away into      your Second Self.


Due to some technical difficulties with the site, I've relocated to a different website over at Wix. What difficulties, you ask? Well, it seems Webs has had an issue with their blogs and other site features which is preventing users from being able to save their work. If you've ever experienced the frustration of spending a large chunk of time working on a new post, only to have all of your work disappear when you hit the "save" or "publish" button, then I don't need to explain to you that this is simply not acceptable. Especially since they've been too lazy to address this problem for well over a year now. Wix is prettier and easier to use anyways, so aside from a temporary inconvenience of having to spend more time copying and pasting things from one site to another, I actually see this as a good thing. So follow me once more, if you will, as I move on to greener pastures! The old pages on this site will remain up for only a short timeā€¦Get what you need from them while you can.

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